09 8 / 2012

08 8 / 2012

Max Little: Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease with a phone call

My friend Derek Kinsman posted this. He says the application should be a free, open-source mobile app, not a call-in service. I think it should be both, really, but wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Patients should have more control over knowledge about their bodies, even if that means being aware of a disease they do not yet know how to manage. Knowledge is power.

27 6 / 2012

2010/05 Jay Parkinson from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

Jay Parkinson’s CM talk on design in healthcare. (via CreativeMornings/NewYork on Vimeo)

02 6 / 2012

"This is a lovely example of a successful interdisciplinary research project, combining the technical skills of computer scientists with a social scientific and medical expertise that ensures the new technology resonates with the way in which surgeons actually do their work."

01 6 / 2012

An infographic from GOOD + Column Five detailing the long wait for donor organs.

01 6 / 2012

“New” matters only when it’s proved better than what we had before, when it prolongs survival, reduces side effects or improves quality of life — or maintains the current standard of care at a lower cost.

19 5 / 2012

"…more often than not, there are good ideas and solutions that build on experience gained in other domains. By connecting people with diverse backgrounds, and by bringing innovators and entrepreneurs with fresh perspectives into healthcare, we are almost guaranteed to get those insights that can prove so important to true progress."

15 5 / 2012

"it’s clear there are profound opportunities in digital health; I imagine the most effective applications will find a way to complement and enhance traditional therapeutics, rather than position themselves as “alt apps” – the alternative medicines of the digital age"

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30 4 / 2012

"User-interface design is, in some cases, life or death" http://daringfireball.net/linked/2012/04/29/air-france-447